In the context of the British Wrestling industry, I don’t recall there being a single more important month than this coming November.

ITV will tape the first episode of it’s new rebooted World of Sport Wrestling programme on November 1. It will mark the first time since the mid 80s that Wrestling has featured on a terrestrial TV channel (unless you’re counting the ill-fated Celebrity Wrestling show of 2005 that is).

Just a few short days later, WWE will begin their annual November tour of the UK. However, this time they are taking both their flagship TV shows, RAW and Smackdown, to Scotland for the first time.

Many have argued that the decision to hold these events in Scotland is a direct response to ICW- an independent promotion based out of Glasgow, presenting it’s biggest and most important show in it’s short history a mere 2 weeks afterwards.

Fear and Loathing XI takes place on November 20 at the 11,000 capacity Hydro- a year on from the last Fear and Loathing event which attracted 5,000 fans to the SECC.

So to say we have a busy few weeks ahead of us is somewhat of an understatement. What this blog aims to do is to ask the question- How did we get here?

To do that I will look at three eras in which I believe are key in the history of the industry in this country; the post World of Sport era, the American invasion and the Rise of the Independents.

I will look at the promotions, their promoters and the major decisions they made that effected these eras and the industry as a whole.

I will look at the Wrestling superstars of these eras- analysing what made them so important whilst showing the matches that defined their careers.

Lastly I will look at how each of these three eras intertwine with the three events in the month of November- are their lessons to be learned?

So with all that to look forward to, I hope you the reader will join me in finding out the history of this industry, looking at the characters that defined it and asking the question whether the past holds the key to safeguard Wrestling in this country going forward.