POWER RANKING: 5 of the worst British ‘WWF Tribute’ wrestlers

As discussed in Part 2 of my history feature, arguably British Wrestling’s most humiliating period was when the scene was filled with ‘WWF Tribute’ shows and wrestlers.

Fake Undertaker’s and Kane’s were a common sight in the industry at the time, as British promoters gave up on creating new stars and instead imitated the popular superstars of the WWF and WCW.

This article counts down five of the worst imitations…



So this certainly isn’t the worst offender as there’s been quite a few fake Undertakers knocking about over the years.

In fact, even the WWF got in on the fun, famously having the real Undertaker (Mark Calloway) going up against the fake Undertaker (Brian Lee) at Summerslam 1994.

What makes the UK Undertaker bad is the fact that he’s still wearing the classic 90s Taker attire, with the grey boots etc.

I mean it’s 2006 in the video above, and I’m pretty sure the audience they’re aiming for weren’t alive when Taker was wearing this stuff.

It’s more so baffling as opposed to embarrassing, but alas I still feel he deserves a place on the list.




My issue here isn’t with the idea of a fake Taz, but more so the fact that it was legendary Scottish wrestler Drew McDonald who was regularly tasked with portraying the Brooklyn brawler.

Now, although Drew does somewhat resemble Taz it’s the fact that Drew probably got more money for playing Taz as opposed to playing himself that really upsets me here.

That and the fact that Drew wasn’t really known for performing many suplexes.

Something you’d think would be part of the job of portraying the man dubbed “The Human Suplex Machine”.



Yeah that’s right.

The Dudley Boy.

Not the Dudley Boys or the Dudley Boyz.

The Dudley Boy.

I mean, I guess it is somewhat difficult to mimic the iconic Dudleys tag team.

But is dressing up a skinny guy in camo and dubbing him the Dudley Boy really the answer here?

This gets it’s place on the list based on name value alone.




Unfortunately no picture or video footage of the fake X-Pac exists.

However unlike the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot, fake X-Pac is most definitely real.

Yep, even the man so bad you didn’t want to see him simply beaten up, you wanted to see him go away had his own British duplicate.

Being enticed to see a wrestling event because of X-Pac is bad enough.

But being enticed to see a Wrestling event because the ‘fake’ X-Pac was on the bill is much, much worse.




Before I get started on Dunk, can I just ask what the attraction was with the real Doink the Clown to begin with?

What kind of tortured soul was a fan of this performer?

If they were a fan, why?

What does Doink bring to the table?

If you can give me an answer to those questions, then perhaps you can answer why British promotions decided to mimic the clown with their version- imaginatively dubbed ‘Dunk the Clown’.

The British knock-off is utterly terrifying as can be seen from the above picture.

And given that the majority of people who attend these tribute shows are kids that don’t know any better- it begs the question as to who on earth thought this was a good idea?

Why would a kid cheer the cheap knockoff version of Doink the Clown? Why? Like how is this hideous performer a babyface?







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